CHILES Con Pol is a full-polarization continuum radio survey at 1.4 GHz covering 0.2 square degrees of the COSMOS field. The survey is being performed with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), capturing an ultra-deep exposure in a single pointing in B configuration for a total of 1000 hours. The field center is located at (J2000) R.A. 10:01:24.0 Decl. +2:21:00.0, corresponding to Galactic coordinates Long. 236.8 Lat. +42.4.

Observations began in late 2013 and are being performed concurrently with the COSMOS HI Large Extragalactic Survey (CHILES; HI spectral line, total intensity only). This delicious synergy in cosmic gastronomy yields CHILES with polarization.

When complete in 2019, CHILES Con Pol will attain an unprecedented sensitivity of 400 nanojanskys per 4 arcsecond resolving beam at the field center, rising parabolically to double this at the 14 arcminute primary beam radius.

The key science aims of CHILES Con Pol are to investigate the nature of intergalactic magnetic fields, enhance our understanding of galaxy evolution, and provide high quality data of legacy value to the astronomical community. CHILES Con Pol data is used by our partner team CHILES VERDES to detect transient and variables sources, and by the wider CHILES team to assist with their data reduction and scientific analyses. See the Science tab above for more details.

Data Release Schedule

We will publish Data Release 1 in 2018. This will be based on the first 180 hours of data in total intensity only. DR1 will contain images and a multi-wavelength cross-matched source catalog, and will be presented alongside key scientific findings from our team. We will publish Data Release 2 in 2020. This final data release will be based on the complete 1002 hours of data in full polarization.